May 22, 2019

New ferry for foot passengers

In effort to further the green character of the city of Kiel, Schlepp- und Fährgesellschaft Kiel mbH (SFK) has contracted Holland Shipyards for the design and delivery of a new ferry for foot passengers.

After a competitive tender process, Holland Shipyards came out on top with the most appealing ship design, and the best hybrid drive train proposal.
Building on years of working with hybrid vessels, Holland Shipyards has developed significant insight in what designs require and what drivetrain setup suits what geographical location.

The ferry design will boast a hybrid drivetrain, that can be powered by either generators or by means of a battery bank. Intermittent switching between the two power sources during operations will be at the push of a button.
The main reason for this choice is that the battery system will be used for specific parts of the voyage. Amongst others inside the city center, the ferry will not produce any harmful emissions, making the ferry a true leap ahead for the city.

Building the first ferry, which will be called “Gaarden” will take approximately one year. During the construction, SFK can decide to opt for an additional three sister vessels.
In the meantime, Holland Shipyards will strive to deliver its promise of a greener means of public transport in Kiel!

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