May 15, 2020

New deep suction dredger for Hoftijzer Verhuur- en aannemingsbedrijf

TV Dredging has been nominated by Hoftijzer Verhuur- en aannemingsbedrijf to build a new deep suction dredger and booster pontoon. The new, custom-build vessel, will be used for sand extraction.

The in-house engineered vessel, type TVD DSD 35 DE, has a dredging depth of 37 m. The main vessel measures 20,00 m long and 9,10 m width. Measurements of the booster pontoon are 9,00 m long and 3,50 m width.

The totally installed generator power is 1690 kW for powering of a 355 kW jet pump, a 700 kW submersible motor for the GIW underwater sand pump and 700 kW motor for the booster pump.

TV Dredging has contracted MaRoTechniek as subcontractor for the electrical installation, dredge automation and winches. To ensure optimal efficiency,  the vessel is equipped with PM motors, which contributes to lower energy consumption and reduces harmful emissions.

To make sure (de)mobilization will be as efficient as possible, the vessel has a modular construction so it can easily be shipped anywhere by any means of transport; severely cutting transit time.

The vessel is expected to enter service in the second half of 2020.

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